Prijon or Willderness systems

I am buying a poly touring kayak for sea kayaking on the east coats of canada definitly going to be doing some 2-3 day trips and will be in some big seas (bay of fundy)worlds highest tides. I have been kayaking in an old prijon boat for a couple o years river runs lakes and out on the bay it is a great ol yak but not a touring boat. prijon kodiak looks like a great boat as does a couple o willderness systems boats tempest 17 and the tsunami 17.5.

Oh ya I’m 5’11 210lbs. some feedback would be a great help in deciding which boat to go with.

completely biased opinion
I have, and love, the Kodiak. For yourself however, really try to test each boat you are seriously considering before you buy it. I’m 6’4" 230, and fit well, though another inch would cause problems.

Most people feel the Kodiak is tippy, esp the first couple times in it. Once you are used to it though, it feels rock solid. Excellent secondary stability, and will handle a huge load of gear. The hatches are flush to the deck, which really helps in wind/heavy chop, and the rear hatch is large which really helps when loading gear. For all the plastic boats I’ve tested, and quite a few composites, the kodiak is easily the fastest. One cavaet, get a rudder. Due to the shape of the hull, it does not respond well to sharp turns. At all. Of course, this translates to excellent tracking and minimum weather cocking.

There’s my two cents.

forgot to mention
I’m on the west coast, up in AK. Some of the area I paddle in is just second to you as far as tides go. 25 feet difference between high and low is not uncommon, so I think we’d paddle in similar conditions. Nothing like a 5-10 knot current running against a 20 knot wind eh?

Prijon Kodiak

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Better plastic (as you know).

Right for your size.

And very fast.

Kodiak. Hands down.

and prijon
offers a fourth hatch in front of the cockpit which you will utilize constantly

Kodiak great touring boat
Have a Kodiak with rudder in the fleet and it is a supurb plastic boat! Dry, stable ride in confused waters.

This paddling season low water levels in the Adirondacks and on the St. Lawrece River dictated more seat time than usual in my Kodiak. And with a little ballast, Kodiak works well as day boat also.

Kodiak’s multiple cockpit adjustments make it a great loaner; but lose the concrete seat cushion and crappy high backed seat, and replace with a back band and some better form of padding on the seat pan.

Definitely demo multiple boats; then pull out your wallet and pay the primium price for this exceptional plastic boat.