Prijon Prilite T 505

Hi all,

There isnt any reviews on a Prijon Prilte T 505,(I am looking at a used model with all acc. inc. great deal!) any info would be great I am a beginer and not sure if this kayak is to tippy for me.



no reviews
No reviews because I think this is a fairly new boat, depending on where you live. At 22" beam it might be a bit lively, depends on the person though. Being used, you should definately be able to try it first. I’d never buy a boat I’d not paddled.

Bill H.

I’ve never heard of it so …
… I looked-up this:

Not very useful to me, but if you dig-up the boat that poster compared it to in terms of stability, you might get a slightly better idea.

I’t hard to compare stability over the Internet though -;). Plus there are other characteristics, besides fit, that may make a boat suitable or not for your needs (e.g. rocker, behavior downwind or loaded/unloaded, deck height and layout, etc.).

I don’t know your location but…
WildWasser Sport in Bolder CO is a big Prijon dealer and so is The River Connection on the Hudson in New York.