Prijon Samauri

Anyone know if this is a decent surfing boat? I found a good deal on one, and want to use it as a roll practice/surf boat. I’m 5’10" and about 235 with 30" inseam.



It Is Probably Equivilent To The Jive
series. The boat is one of the older planing hulls similar to the Jive. Got some length and will surf a bit faster than other newer/shorter white water boats.

I think it is a good all around river running and some surfing boat for med to med/large paddler.


Here’s a Prijon for ya.

One of the first “short” boats (or dinosaurs) from Prijon. But, at over 12’, it seemed that they could not decide whether they were trying for a short rec/tour boat or a long slalom boat.

I personally wouldn’t want to run that on a river, though g2d might since he seems to have an affinity for those old long boats like the Dancer, Corsica, etc. Being a displacement hull, I definitely wouldn’t want to surf with it. It’ll perform more like sea kayak than a short boat. Guess, it all depends on what one considers “surfing” to be about.

For $25, it could be used by a kid to cruise and bang around on a pond with.