Prijon screw top deck box

is leaking badly on my used Combi 359. This same deck box is used on the Kodiak, Seayak and other models as well. Does some type of flat washer or O-ring fit under the hatch cover to form a tight seal? I’d like to know what type of gasket came with the kayak when new so I can make the deck box water tight again. Thanks.

I send some email to the Prijon folks…
…Mine have held up real well.

did you get it new?..
…I wonder if it may have gotten cross-threaded once.

same thing
My combi did the same thing, actually what happened is the rubber O-ring that has a groove cut into one side and then sits on a little ridge around the rim, tore away from that ridge and was pretty much impossible to get back on. I gave up and put a nice bead of the ever popular, cure-all, aquaseal in it’s place and it was much better. Not perfect but unless I was taking serious amounts of water over the deck, it stayed pretty dry. Loved my Combi, but I always thought that was a terrible design.

O-Ring or Flat Gasket
It’s used. There is no gasket on the cover and I wanted some idea of what to try and order from Prijon or look at the auto parts store for something that would fit.