Prijon Seayak - Serial Number info

I am a novice paddler who is in search of a used touring kayak as I get more involved in the sport of kayaking. I have found a used Prijon Seayak near me, but the owner does not have specifics on how old it is. I am hoping that there may be some here who might know how to decode that from the serial number, 68393. I have fired off an email to Prijon in Germany, but thought I’d try here, too.

I’m not in a hurry, as I’m still taking a few classes, but I am looking to acquire a boat soon so that I can get out on the water to practice skills some more. My goal is to paddle both flat water and open water, so leaning toward a touring boat of 16’+ length.

FWIW, I’m 6’2", 200 lbs (trying to get to 180.) Paddled a Tsunami 16.5 in Santa Cruz this weekend, and fit in that pretty well. The Seayak seems like it would accommodate me fine.

Thanks in advance for any input!

Sounds like you landed a great deal. That’s a nice boat and once you get accustomed to it, it will be a fun one to paddle.

Did you get a paddle and PFD with it? If so, what kind?

1993 but it seems some numbers
are missing.

The last two digits are the year it was made.

Got info from Prijon
Thanks for the replies!

I heard back from Prijon in Germany this morning, and according to their records, this kayak was made in 2001. I think the price being asked is fair, and will check it out for fit and condition this weekend.

Thanks again!

Just for curiosity
I have no experience with Prijon kayaks, but I have seen a few of them. I guess they are supposed to be pretty tough. Anyway, one of the tests I have used in assessing the stiffness of poly boats is to set the boat on the ground and go to the stern and lift it very slowly while watching the bow of the boat. See how much you have to lift the stern before you detect movement at the bow. It shouldn’t be much. I have tried this with quite a few boats and some of them are remarkably limber (not good). On a hot day it gets worse. The same test on a composite boat will show you the difference. A good one will have no detectable flex.