Prijon Seayak

Looking at a used Prijon Seayak. Mostly been paddling a Old Town Loon and want to upgrade. I’m about 6ft and 185lbs. Looking for input and or suggestions.

rav42u… did you see this Seayak

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..with free shipping. Scroll about 1/2 way down this thread.

Here are 31 reviews.

Is there something specific--size, uses, types of water, etc., that are not answered in the extensive reviews that you seek here, rav42u?

By the way, the most recent Seayak Review is by Bruce, my fellow paddler from pnet. He, though, owns a Valley Aquanuat, a Prijon Calabria and some really heavy old tandem of some sort that he swears by. Anyhow, I did not know he owned and reviewed a Seayak. But he is a Prijon advocate and a sneaky bugger, to boot. So who knows, maybe he did slink out and buy a Seayak. I wouldn't put it past him.

prijon seayak
read the reviews and all seem to like thier Prijons. That said, I guess I just got the jitters about making a decision on a boat I can’t try before I buy. The one I’m looking at on e bay is in my neiborhood but ends before I can get to it to try it. If the Gods smile upon me it may not get any bidders and I can try it this weekend

Great boat. I like Bruce’s review.
My brother owns one. I own other Prijons.

The Seayak will need the rudder, which is $199 though. It is almost mandatory, and makes a huge difference. I think you’ll like it just fine, so maybe bid on it. It sounds like a nice price, if it’s the one I’m thinking of. They won;t let you try it before bidding even though they are right down the street?

Prijon Seayak
shift differences. He’s days I’m nights

There is a different “Bruce” who
reviewed that boat (he doesn’t include a profile and spells his name with an upper case “B”).

However, his review is extremely well-written and comprehensive.

I know, I’s just joshin’ ya, little “b”