Prijon Taifun

Prijon Taifun, anybody farmilliar with this boat.

river capabillities ect…?


Multi-day whitewater
My recollection is that the Taifun was designed as an expedition whitewater boat. Something with high volume and a lot of rocker that could handle serious whitewater (depending of course on skill level) while carrying camping gear and supplies. Some models even had an indentation in the back to secure a small watertight barrel. Others had a storage area similar to that used for touring boats.

Probably a decent short-trip boat for any type of water if used recreationally, but I wouldn;'t want to paddle it for a long time on flatwater.


what he said…and built of the bomber german plastic this boat is the SUV of kayaks. I often said, back in the day, that if I could only have 1 (one, ONE… oh GORSCH!) boat that a Taifun would be it. It will handle anything you throw at it.



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was a large version of the T Canyon....lots of volume, 11 foot long if I remember corectly.

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around 12.5 ft

I wonder
how old it is

Older than Pamlico14
but not quite as old as fat elmo. :wink:


Prijon Taifun
The Taifun was a whitewater kayak, designed in germany and first available in 1983. In was used for many first descents in Europe. terry Storry paddled one in the eighties completing many first descents in Wales and scotland upto grade 6 including waterfalls and creeks. In its day the boat to have for tackling steep technical rivers…bompproof, will not fold or bend.

read his book “British Whitewater” great pics of this boat tackling some hairy drops!!!