Prijon Touring?

Anyone know of dealers that carry the Barracuda and Kodiak? I found Wildwasser Sport in CO and that’s it. I might have better luck finding a used one. Suggestions?

You can order through Wildwasser.
And they should be able to tell you about dealers. Try to catch rroberts on here. He’s in Ohio, and you can steal his Barricuda.

I have one. Donna 4657, rroberts, kevin1, julian, a few others.

I got mine by calling Wildwasser in CO, the only company I know that is the direct importer. Sometimes they have demos that can be bought cheaply. Best part–they ship Barracudas!

Are you all happy with the boat? Is the rudder a must? If you come across any info on a used one, please let me know. In the mean time, I will check with Wildwasser. Thanks everyone!

Very happy

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I have learned more from the Cuda than any otehr boat I own (I own a lot). It is not good in chop because of its rockerless design. But it's the fastest plastic sea kayake available, and although it challenges your bracing skills at times, I have never learned so much from a boat as the Barracuda. It is stil my boat of choice when I am paddling the large reservoirs near my home alone.

NOt good for phtography, fishing and other things that require a stable platform.

I sold Donna4765 my second one--yes, it is that good that I owned two identical ones for a time. But, alas, storage space was needed, and DOnna6567 is enjoying it now.

Rarely are they on the market used--in fact, I think I saw one on Ebay once about two years ago. There are not many of them imported. If you google "prijon barracuda", you can see many European articles about them, such as the guy that paddled the English Channel in it. And of course, all the Pnet reviews (mine is cooldoctor1).

Enjoy. A great vessel.

I gave it 8/10 as I never give a 10/10. But I would not be without the bucking (read: unstable) Barracuda again... if anything were to happen to mine, I'd buy another without question.

How many cooldoctors are there? Is there a sternsquirt2 that i don’t know about?

I want the combi
just don’w want to have to pay for it.


I purchased mine in Upstate New York
It was a Cruiser. Doubt if it will help you.

Any leads?
I am still looking for a Barracuda if anyone can help…