Prijon Touryak or Cape Horn

I have narrowed my choices to two boats: Prijon Touryak and Cape Horn 150. Before I try them I would like to hear opinions on both. Here in BC I will have trouble finding a rental place to test them both, hence mi interest in your opinion at this time. Thanks

Don’t know about the Cape Horn, but
I can guarantee that most beginners will outgrow a touryak in a couple of months, not to mention it was a really slow boat.

In all honesty, Prijon makes a nice boat. But for $1500, one needs to be sure of what the purpose is. I went from a touryak, to a seayak, and finally to a CD Scirroco in one summer. And don’t know if I will ever get rid of the scirroco. By the end of the month it will be my second boat in storage though.

good luck and happy paddling


SORRY, my mistake!!
I should have asked opinions on the Prijon Touryak only, since I already have your opinions on the Cape Horn 150 on this website!!

a few thoughts
I got a Prijon Catalina (15ft) this summer and am growing to really like it. I trialed the Cape Horn 15ft and didn’t like it-it just wanted to go straight. However, everyone else seems to like it-like all the staff at the store. I really preferred the handling of the Cape Horn 17ft as I found it much more maneuverable but the boat was big for me.I really am pleased with the quality of my Prijon-the plastic, the deck rigging, the styling especially of the hull. I myself wouldn’t buy a Cape Horn 15 even though it’s a nice looking boat. Good luck!

I know you are asking about the touryak but for what it is worth I have a Kodiak and absoulutly love it.

plastic comparison
plastic to plastic the Prijon plastic is way more solid than Wilderness System’s. Further…the seating system, both my wife and found, is much comfier in the Prijon’s vs. WS (Phase 3 or whatever they call it). We went with a Calabria rather than a Cape Lookout, no regrets whatsoever and are now scouring around trying to find a new Catalina as a second boat.