Prijon Touryak vs. Seayak

Wondering if anyone has paddled both, and how they compare. In visiting my local shop yesterday, I noticed the Prijon boats and was impressed with the quality of the plastic compared to the roto boats I own. Paper specs of them both are quite similar, so interested in hearing from someone with seat time in them. Thanks


The touryak seems to have a bit more…

…primary stability and seems to fit more

paddlers on the larger side. The shorter the

boat the easier to fling around on loading,

although the Touryak isn’t THAT much shorter.

The quality of the Prijons is superb.

Where are you and with whom are you dealing? I’m

on the verge of getting a touryak myself, and I’m

looking around for a good deal.

I paddle a Seayak and a Kodiak.

I have a Prijon Cruiser, I agree
it does seem better than the many rotomold boats I’ve had. The quality is noticably better.

I paddle a Kodiak, Barracuda,
a Capri and a Calabria.

I have never paddled a dowdy Touryak.

Dealing with KCPaddler in Peculiar, MO, south side of Kansas City. Seems like a good shop. I don’t see a lot of deals on the Prijons. The weak US dollar probably hurts importing boats from Germany.

Seems like used Touryaks come around in the fall at a few places for a good price.

Dang, by the time you put a rudder on, you’re not far from 2 grand with tax. Ouch. Pushing against some nice $2k other-than-poly boats at that level.


The touryak is more initially stable Id
say. Overall I enjoyed the touryak more than the seayak, but it may just be because the seayak is the first Expedition kayak ive ever paddled and the touryak the most recent. So I was more experienced in the touryak.

Do your own “seat time”…
I wouldn’t advise buying either without a decent demo…the Touryak is not an easy boat to paddle.

Will definitely demo before purchase. While down looking at the Touryak again, I noticed a boat called an Eddyline Merlin XT that seemed, to the eye at least, an awfully nice boat. Apparently discontinued, so a heck of a deal off the $2200 list price, to where I could buy it new for less than a Touryak. Might have to demo both of them. Trying to find a CD Sirocco around here to, to try, but nobody seems to have one in stock…

I’d be all over that Merlin XT…
…if it fits you.

The Scirocco is also a nice boat…I’d demo both but the Merlin sure is a knockout of a boat.

I knew someone who posts here that had an XT and his only complaint was stability; he was always worried about hitting submerged objects causing him to take a swim. I think he sold it for around $1500 (excellent almost as new condition).