Prijon Touryak vs Wilderness Tsunami 140

I had a recent thread about a wilderness vs an eddyline. I have now found two very good deals and I am going to choose between the two with your support. Which would you recommend, the prijon Touryak or the wilderness tsunami 135 or 140 I can get either.

I am 5’10" 155lbs and will be doing still water up to 3’ chop with short overnights.

Thanks in advance.

Pretty big range
Flat water to 3’ chop is a huge range. Just for perspective, in 3’ chop, you could almost lose sight of your paddling partner when they drop into the trough of a wave. Combined with the wind it would take to stir up 3’ chop, these are dangerous conditions.

Both are fine boats. Sit in them for sure. Paddle them if you can. Take a lesson, then paddle them again. This is the best way to choose.

3 foot chop…
As above - at 3 ft I can lose track of my fellow paddlers. And steep 3 footers require a lot of equinamity for new paddlers - more than enough to capsize.

Either you are overestimating the height of the waves, or you should be asking about some sessions with coaches to have the skills to handle that calmly.

What’s the terrain?
Tidal, Great Lakes, big rivers, etc. ?

See you on the water,


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He bought the prijon
posted it yesterday on the other thread