Prijon Touryak

Wondering if anyone has paddled the Touryak? I currently have an Old Town Loon 138 that was used to paddle with the kids (they must have really enjoyed since both of them are asking for their own now). I’m looking for something that would be a logical next step. I’ll mostly be on lakes and rivers, mainly day paddling with a few overnight trips. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Prijon, but not much about the Touryak spefically.

calling cooldoctor and bruce!
They’re our resident Prijon apologists (in the very nicest sense) and I’m sure they’ll be here shortly to give you feedback. :slight_smile:

Jayak- I have never paddled
a Touryak but I own a Calabria. I have examined a Touryak at a boat show and it reminds me significantly of the Calabria except it is a foot longer and has two bulkheads instead of one bulkhead and a flotation bag on the Calabria. There is lots of room in it and the one review on it is excellent (see product review section of this site). There are many reviews on the Calabria which I feel may also apply to the Touryak.

I would call Steve Sells at Prijon to ask the primary differences between the boats. The Prijon website and contact info is below:

I normally won’t give info on a boat that I have not paddled but I noticed you had not received many responses and wanted to give my impression of the boat based upon my experience with what I perceive to be a similar boat.

Good luck to you.

As Bruce mentioned above
There is an excellent review on this website. You can also see a very positive review on the October 2005 issue of Sea Kayaker magazine. I am hoping to buy the Touryak next spring. I have done a lot of research and came to the conclusion that Prijon has the best plastic as to durability and resistance to oil canning goes. Cheers, Renato

I guess this model is not…
…to be confused with the Tour, which was, I think, deleted. (These were 14’ & had the trihedral hull).

I agree that Prijon’s plastic is superior, but its not immune to denting, especially in hot weather.