Prijon Twister

Anyone out there paddling a Prijon Twister (SOT)? I’ve only been able to find a few reviews on this boat. Would like to know more about the boat.

I have one
Got a used one for only $100 two years ago. Comments below are in random order as I think of them.

I took it to a pool to try rolling it, and one of the thigh straps broke while doing so. Not too big a deal, though, as Prijon still sold replacement straps.

Next pool session, I managed to roll it but it was awkward and difficult compared with any of the other kayaks I’ve rolled. Of course, it doesn’t matter much, being a SOT. It is super-easy to remount from the rear, as the flat stern deck has a couple of small (I do mean SMALL) fingerholds for this purpose.

Paddling-wise, the kayak behaves as expected: it turns if I even think about turning and will easily spin circles, and it doesn’t track worth a d@mn if there is any wind. On totally calm days, it tracks fine though I cannot give it much power on the strokes due to its turniness.

If I look at the Twister from the side, it looks like a misshaped bowl–NO keel. In effect, it has a rounded point rather than a keel.

With even tiny ripples from wind, the bulbous bow throws a lot of spray at me. But this only bothers me when I paddle it in the cold seasons (wearing a drysuit).

What else…I helped someone in a long, high-volume SINK do an assisted re-entry, and the Twister worked fine for that purpose. I was afraid it would be too small and weird-shaped to do the job, but we had no trouble.

It accelerates quickly but hits a wall at fairly low speed compared with a normal-length SINK.

Sorry I can’t give you any evaluation of it in WW. I have not been able to buy a nonfeathered WW paddle in my size, so for now am just using it on lakes.

Because my legs are of a length that means my feet need the foot indents right next to the thigh strap rivets, my feet want to pop out of the indents. I consider this extremely bad design.

I added another strap to the standard thigh straps, to help keep them from slipping off my thighs. I bought a webbing strap with quick-release Delrin buckle and just loop that from one thigh strap to the other, across my lap.

I can stand up in the Twister, turn around to face the rear, etc. after practicing. It has much lower primary stability than most SOTS. It also has much lower primary stability than the two WW SINKs I have paddled. Secondary is fairly low, too. Sometimes on hard turns, I have barely averted capsizing when the side of the stern felt like it was “digging into” the water and catching it.

For $100, I am keeping it as a fun hot-weather toy. I would not keep it as my one-and-only kayak, though. It is too specialized for that.

Wow! Thanks -
Thanks for all the info. I also got a great deal, two for $350. A friend and I are going to use them this spring in the small class II - III rapids here in town. Getting them to have a few fun boats around. I should have the boats by spring if we can find a way to get them up from Iowa. Thanks again for the info -

Its weirdness is its appeal
With two of them, you and a friend can have a lot of fun together!


If memory serves
me, I think its a sot version of the famed whitewater boat the Hurricane. The Hurricane was an awesome boat back in the day. Cartwheeling, and running big water. I think it was bigger than the Fly, must’ve been a 'cane. If you email the guys at wildwasser, I’m sure they’d be glad to give the lowdown. My memories of that time are sometimes a little sketchy.


that’s why some of us should have never inhaled… :wink: