Prijon Yukon Expedition

Who knows about the Prijon yukon? IS it a good choice? How is the storage space? How well can it handle rapids? as prijon claims it can. How is its speed and versatility? Is it good for expeditions?

Prijon Yukon Expedition
I have one and I truly love it. It does however have some drawbacks.

Multiple condition Versatility very high. Packability good. Rollable. Durable.

Hmmm… I guess it does everything from flat water to class III rapids comfortably.

I love mine because I can paddle it anywhere I go. Its a great boat for big rivers. Its high volume allows for tons of gear. Huge cockpit very roomy.

Good Luck,

Big Mac

PS paddle one before you buy it.

what are its drawbacks?

tracking in flat water
Oops…as I was saying, this boat does not track like a sea kayak. It requires a good paddle stroke to operate with peak performance. The trihedral hull design tends to plow through the water rather than slice like a boat with a keel.In moving water the boat handles a little more like a WW boat. In flatwater the boat handles like a very long WW boat.

Once you get the hang of these quirks the boat is awesome.

Hope this helps

Big Mac

I had an older (pre Exp.) Yukon Tour…
The plastic seemed really beefy (but this also made it a little heavy). Roomy cockpit for the larger paddler. BUT, for me at least, it was certainly not the ideal first boat.

I never had it in WW, but it took real skill to paddle it (if you wanted to go in a reasonably straight path, that is). I spoke with several owners about this, and all confirmed it took considerable “seat time” before they learned how to paddle it. I spent a lot of hours trying different strokes, leaning, etc. & was making progress but did not enjoy my outings (too much like work!). As a total beginner, I thought it was just me (as the dealer and others kept saying) but I’ve paddled other boats since & never encountered anything like the way that beast would misbehave!

If you are going to use it mostly in WW, you may like it straight off, but if you paddle mostly flat water, I would very strongly reccommend an extended test-paddle. (Sure wish I had tested mine out first…she’s long gone & I don’t miss her!) Good luck in your shopping.

PS: Mine did not have a rudder. I know everyone is strongly opinionated about this, but I feel this is a boat that probably should never have been sold without one.