Primitive camping trip / Philadelphia

Anyone know of places to paddle that we can primitive camp within an hour to two hours from the philadephia area?

Thank you

Pine Barrens
Wharton State Forest NJ

pine barrens camping
lower forge and mulica wilderness sites are the hike/boat in only sites. many companies do shuttling if you want to paddle thru. map of sies.

if you need more info e-mail me

loved the Mullica!
Did the Mullica trip last year in Spring (water was moving pretty fast) and about 4 years ago also same time of the year. Usually Easter vacation from school. We did spot 2 cars and camped out the first time 1 night and last year camped out 2 nights. I’m guessing it’s about a 8-10 mile paddle with the campsites around the 6 mile mark. Someone here might know the exact mileage. Beautiful large pine trees around the area. We also pulled the boats over and hiked around an area to see if we could paddle the Batso but we didn’t try it. I really liked it and would go again many times. Check it out. I think you also need to buy a inexpensive permit to camp out.

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Any places in MD for primitive camping?

North Philadelphia. When I lived in
Philly from '65 to '70, north Philly was definitely primitive, and parts of west Philly were too.


Don’t bother wtih Belhaven
Belhaven Paddlesports no longer does rentals or shuttles and they were the ONLY livery that would do the Mullica or Batso rivers.

I was wanting to run the Mullica this coming Friday and went to their website and saw the bad news. Micks Canoes only does rentals/shuttles for the Wading and Oswego rivers. Neither of those have campsites on the river unless you count Bodine at the very end of the Wading. The Wading is also notoriously crowded on weekends starting about now.

So unless you are planning to do the shuttle yourself you are out of luck with the Mullica or Batso. One local canoe place told me that if he were to do a shuttle to the Mullica it would cost me $75. The liveries are getting killed between the price of gas and the insurance rates.