Prince Edward Island/Cape Breton

I would like to kayak from PEI this summer - anyone know how to find the best places to put in/take out and paddle up there? Also interested in doing Cape Breton. Same questions. Thanks.

I paddled extensively on the north shore of PEI two summers ago. The best ‘first’ put-in might be at North Rustico where there are several possible routes. Right next to the beach launch point is Outside Expeditions, a local outfitter that was very helpful in providing more info.

The north shore between North Rustico and Cavendish is a Provincial Park with many beaches that provided access to the red cliffs and pocket beaches of the north shore. Just park and launch.

To the west is a barrier islands/dunes area which is a nice paddle, look for Lennox Island on the map. You can launch behind the EcoTourism center on Malpeque Bay.

Safe travels . . .

What’s your skill level?
If you’re not ready for open water, then there are lots of sheltered waters, especially in the north central area of the island. For open water, then anyway you can reach the beach is good.

If I had a choice…
between the two. Cape Breton hands down! Hook up with an outfitter. They know the area.


Whales or sandy beaches…
I’m originally from PEI and paddled much of the eastern and central parts. Lots of beaches and for the most part calm seas along the coast. Not difficult to find a put-in. Since moving to Nova Scotia some years ago, I’ve had the opportunity to paddle down Cape Breton a number of time. That would be my first choice given the scenery and whales along the northern coast. A little bigger sea with ocean swells. I suggest doing a search on line for Scott Cunninghams articles and his book “Sea Kayaking in Nova Scotia”. He outlines a number of put-ins and takeouts in his book. My favorite spot is putting in at Pleasant Bay and heading to Fishing Cove (a wilderness campsite) but Meat Cove is another area that your sure to spot whales.


PEI/Cape Breton
thanks for replying. I am a beginner, experienced in canoe but not a lot of experience in kayak. Went to Sanguenay Fjord last summer for 4 days and paddled in the fjord and on the St Lawrence and loved it. Tandem with my husband who is very strong but also not very epxperienced. Rough water is doable for us, we hit it in the fjord, but would prefer nothing too crazy!