Prince Edward Island - paddling

recommendations? I’m thinking about taking a long weekend in Oct. to drive up to PEI and do some sightseeing and paddling. Anyone have any suggestions for paddling there? Anything I shouldn’t miss doing or seeing?

Is taking flares across the border a bad idea?

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I don’t think you can take
them across the border. I’m not positive though. PEI is amazing, I don’t know if you have ever been there but the scenery is breathtaking. There are a lot of inlets on the northern part of the Island that would probably be great to kayak. I haven’t been there in about 11 years but we used to camp at a place called Millcove on the North East side. The north west side had a nice inlet I think it was called Malpeque Bay. I’m not sure if that’s how it’s spelled or not. The south side of the Island has some relatively warm water, we used to swim in it all the time. I’m not sure how it is at this time of year though. The south side is there area where Anne of Green Gables was written and the movie was done. It’s really pretty with rolling hills. There are also great sand dunes I think they were by St. Peter’s Church but I’m not positive. That’s more open ocean with a huge white sand beach. I probably wasn’t any help at all since it’s been so long and I didn’t kayak there but I can say if you haven’t gone it’s a must see.


As one border guard told me…
“The combination of an american and anything that goes bang makes people outside the US nervous”

That was told to me by a Canadian border patrol officer about 6 years ago when I got off the ferry in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, and he was asking about the boats on top of the car & what gear we had with us.

Short answer — leave your flares at home. If you want, you can buy them in Canada, but you can’t bring them back into the US, either. If you have a VHF, set it to canadian frequencies, and don’t use it unless it’s an emergency. You’re supposed to get a license for it if you leave the US, but the Canadian Coast Guard won’t hold that against you if it’s a real emergency.

Have fun!


red sand
take a look at the northwest side of the island, the shore along the gulf of st. lawrence. Tall red cliffs, with little pocket beaches. Very pretty and farther from the tourism part of PEI. And very I know a guy from Orono who paddled his canoe (he races) around the island. I saw it written up somewhere… maybe atlantic coastal kayaker. He talks about the currents.

Haven’t been there in years - not since the bridge was built.

Should be pretty this time of year.

Make sure you look me up
I’m a bit biased, but I think you’d be better off seeing the sights on PEI, and then taking the ferry across the Strait to Northern NS for some much more interesting paddling. In fact, there’s a terrific paddle venue right at the ferry dock on the NS side in Caribou. I’d be glad to meet you there with some club members to show you around our slice of paddling heaven. Whatever you decide, my phone # is (902)755-BEER. Will try to post more info later, just loading the van for a trip on antigonish Harbour. Cheers

Thanks to all for the info
Magoo_ns, When I checked the map, I noticed the ferry and Pictou Island. I was wracking my brain for where I’d heard of Pictou. It was you, of course!

I’ve been tossing around ideas for a 4-day weekend. On the list of possibilities:

  • Go to Raystown. I really want to go just to enjoy the gathering of P-Netters, but with the lake high, more hurricanes on the way, the chance of cancellation, and 14-hrs of driving each way,…

  • Take the Jeep and kayak on the Cat Ferry to Yarmouth, do some paddling, and drive home.

  • Same as the above, but take the ferry to PEI as well.

  • Save the cost of the ferry ride and drive to PEI - I didn’t realize it was so close.

    The chance to meet and paddle with you and your group has me thinking that your suggestion is the best idea. Think it’s possible to do the area justice in only 4-days? Next I have to find out how much longer I’m guiding. I’m scheduled for tomorrow and have a private tour scheduled on 10/16. I’ll work out the details and give you a call - love your phone number!