Prince Edward island

Is there anyone here who is familiar with kayaking opportunities on Prince Edward Island? I’m looking for day trips on reasonably protected waters.

Kayaked a week there in 2001
Lots of paddling along the shore and bays on the north side. Many off-shore sand bars. The ocean water is very warm – warmer than the Atlantic off New Jersey. One day we ran an interior river that ran southwest.

The paddling we did was quite protected and safe, except for the two days that high winds and rain grounded us. As I recall, we stayed in two different campgrounds along the north shore, one of which also had cabins.

Here’s a paddling link:

Cape Breton
Is close by and is much more scenic to paddle. I paddled in NS, but from what I saw of PEI, paddling there didn’t interest me much. But you can get a lobster supper nearly everywhere!

good info. We are not going to PEI for the purpose of kayaking but we will have the boats on the roof and we plan to take a few day paddles. Been to NS and specifically Cape Breton many times. Gorgeous, I agree.

PEI Is fine place to paddle
a kayak. Although the island is fairly benign, from the water the shore is very beautiful. The water is clean and warm enough for swimming and snorkeling. The beaches offer very nice places to pitch a tent and camp. The oysters are free for the picking and absolutely fabulous. Lobster and mussels are plentiful and cheap and the fishing is good.

I would paddle there again.

Good spots to launch?
Anyone have suggestions regarding specific launch sites or areas of interest to paddle? Salt or fresh?

No Man is an Island, so was Prince
Edward a cigar?