Printing maps from Garmin

We’re heading for Nova Scotia in a few weeks and I’d like to print out a series of charts from my Garmin. After playing with printing the charts I’m finding they aren’t quite as perfect as I’d like and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions.

My printer is a new high resolution printer so I don’t think that’s the issue.

Has anyone else tried to do this?

Thanks for any help.


Are you using
the Mapsource software? I’ve got a Garmin E-trex Legend and use the Mapsource Topo software. To make maps, I plot them out on our HP Designjet plotter in the CAD room at work. It’s a very high resolution machine, and still the maps don’t have the same detail or resolution that you find on USGS topo maps. They are good for reference, but I wouldn’t use them WITHOUT the GPS.


Buy Some Charts
Your best bet is to buy charts.

It’s not so easy
to get Canadian charts. We’ve got some, but charts that are suitable for a kayak have been hard to find. I have a few huge charts that we might shrink down at Kinko’s and laminate, but since I already have the GPS and software, I was hoping to make it work this way. We planned on making bound chart books for the 3 paddlers who are going. May still do that, even with the rough charts we’re printing out.


Printing Maps is a great resource for mapping and printing maps.

Garmin Blue Chart
The Blue Chart software make excellant detailed printed charts!

I have Blue Chart
My printer is very high resolution, but I’m still getting less than perfect results.

How are you printing yours?

Thanks (to you and the others for replying),