Printing maps?

-- Last Updated: Jun-19-09 9:21 AM EST --

If any of you use mapping software to print custom maps, I was at a local Gander Mountain store (WV) and they were closing out National Geographic Adventure Paper for $3.24 / package. The notmal retail for a 25 sheet pack is about $20.00.

Don't know if this is a GM-wide closeout, but worth looking into.


one option
A member of our club shared this link with us about printing free NOAA charts. There are quite a few technical steps involved so it’s not for everyone, but I’ll pass it along for those who are interested.

adventure paper
I’ve found that the adventure paper works great for hiking, backcountry skiing etc, and stays colorfast and waterproof through multiple uses. However, for kayaking, with it stuck to my deck (I don’t use a chart case) the paper didn’t hold up so well to being constantly wet. Perhaps if I’d dried it out more carefully when done it would have been ok, but I usually throw my gear into a duffel when I get off the water, and rinse and dry it the next day. After being wet for a full day the charts I had printed on two sides had bled through so you could read both from either side, and the printing had lightened considerably.

Just a heads up that for kayaking use, you may need to protect this stuff, and probably only print on one side.

easy solution there
A gallon-size plastic bag sticks to the deck when wet almost as well as paper and greatly extends the life of your maps.

iGage "Weather Proof Paper"
works very well for submersion. I use the “laser jet” version and print out sections of NOAA maps, either with a B&W or color Hewlett-Packard LaserJet printer. Printing with either, the maps are perfectly waterproof, with no bleeding even after 12 hours on a deck with waves coming over it. You can also write on it - even when completely soaked - with waterproof pens

I got it from

which at the time (a couple of years ago) seemed to have the best prices.

More expensive than the National Geopgraphic paper but from NateHanson’s experience maybe better for kayaking.