Prism. Backrest for floor mounted seat.

Wenonah does not recommend their backrests for floor mounted seats. Any alternatives? Or is it just buy , try , adapt or I’m out 70 bucks?

I too have a Prism and as I age, have thought it would be nice to attach some sort of backrest to the floor mounted seat. Haven’t decided how I will do it, but came to the same conclusion that you have that it will have to most likely be a home made affair. Yes I too would like to hear from any others who have tackled this on any boat with the floor mounted seat.

Piragis has this one:,5185.html

Backrest on floor mount bucket slider
I just use a less than $20 Insul-Seat from Gander Mountain (Crazy Creek type seat) rigged on the floor mount bucket slider seat in my Wenonah Voyager. I use it stock except I did add snaps to the front carrying handles of the seat and snap the 2 halves of the seat shut for portaging. Photos at

That’s a permanent thorn in the side of the designer and manufacturer. He says it will work just fine with the bucket seats. If you would like to check with him for more details, you can do it through his website

agree= home grown…

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...another style = "Adirondack"-style chair I think is what they're called.. Work out footing=base is horizontal on hull-floor and cut the bottom of facing to match the Wenonah slider the back rim of seat. Use a large gel-pad for comfort, tied at top..hung down. *Just my theoretical guess...;-)

Cush Gear might work
but the pedestal seats are not sitting on the same frame as their tandem canoe bucket seats.

I just emailed c2g’s contact…
…It seems they have the exact seat as the Wenonah website. For $10 less. I will try to keep you posted. Thanks c2g! As well as others! All good info. -BOB

Hi Bob - got your e-mail also, but I figured I’d pop in & answer here. The backband will work on the sliding pedestal seat, but you have to install 2 d-rings onto the back edge of the bucket. The vertical stays of the seat are designed to wrap around the horizontal 1" tubes that the standard bucket seats are attached to, but on the pedestal those tubes are cut short, and end up being flush with the seat. By riveting the d-rings to the back of the bucket, it gives the stays a place to attach. It’s not all that complicated, and I can send you the parts & instructions if you’ll send me your address.

In Wenonah’s defense, it’s simpler to just sell one version, and it allows us to deal with alternate mounts directly. That’s why we put our contact info inside of each hang tag.

Thanks, C2G!
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