Prism seat

I am wondering how the sliding seat in the Prism will hold up with a big boy thrashing around on it? I’m 6’4" and weigh around 240 (on a good day). I think there are a couple good sized guys on this board that use Prisms. How do they hold up for you?

I am ordering one and am considering having the web seat substituted for the slider. Your thoughts on this?

I have a slider
from wenonah in my strip built Merlin(Kunz design not Yosts) I have used it for racing and general training with no problem. I often leave it at RedCrossRandys house and I know he is close to 230. he has had no problem and often takes it out in Lake Norman which is pretty rough during the summer fishing season, what with boat wakes and lake lice. Get the slider with the foot brace and be done with it!


Denver NC

No web
Whatever you do, don’t have a hung web seat installed. In a longer solo canoe, specially for us big guys, you need the ability to adjust your trim on the fly. Wenonah makes two sizes of buckets. Get the bigger one if you feel you need it. Typically the buckets are injected plastic and a solid frame of aluminum angle welded and glassed in, definitely strong enough.

Rutabaga has a brand new Wenonah Voyager marked down $500 because it was a special order returned with hung web seat. The thing is a dog in wind.

Should Hold 240 Pounds
I’m no expert, but the bigger Wenonahs should hold 240 pounds. Personally, I’d custom-make a seat for one if that was my only resort.

Wenonah Voyagers are HORRIBLE in wind. This said, they are GREAT for going FAST with a BIG load.

I don’t know about a Voyager for a REALLY big guy, but I liked the speed of mine (and not tippy). Loaded, with a deck cover, they’re a great Boundary Waters canoe.

Wenonahs have very nice boats, as do Bell, Mad River, Sawyer, etc.

Go with the slider
I top Eric’s weight at about 260 and have had no problem with Wenonah’s standard bucket slider holding my weight in my Voyager. I can’t imagine paddling my Voyager without the slider and ability to trim. The prism is only 1 foot shorter than the voyager. I’d want a slider in a prism if I owned one also. If you put a bench seat in your boat, plan on carrying two gear packs - one in front of you and one behind - so you move them around to properly trim the boat.