Prism vs Magic

 I read that Bell is now back in business and they are listed by Piragus Northwoods. I would specifically like to know:<br />

1. How does the Magic compare to the Prism mainly for flat water paddling? I have a Prism but have never paddled a Magic.

2. If buying a Magic what are the advantages of the black lite over the kev light disregarding the weight and price difference?

Ted Bell is building canoes
I don’t know what the layup of the Magic is. It may NOT be the same schedule Bell used.

Only a few of the old models are listed…and fwiw, the tandems are not the same shape as the old Bells. Seems Ted is using a one piece mold. I have no idea re the Magic.

No sense comparing the new Magic to the Prism as we don’t know how the new Magic compares to the old yet.

The phrase “Bell is back in business” is not quite accurate.

It appears that Bell has finally incorporated the best of the Old Town Pack and the old Bell Magic to create the new Bell Magic. By appearance, it still makes hot chicks yearn for whoever paddles it, but it has retains some of the extra speed of the magic. Overall, it’s a nice offering.

That was almost the greatest post ever!
If only you’d said: “By appearance, it still makes hot chicks yearn for whoever paddles it, and it retains some of the extra speed of the pack.”

Look at the Piragis video
that they sent with their last e-mail newsletter. They show the first boats delivered by Bell. There is a pretty close shot of the bow of one of the boats that shows the fiberglass cloth wrapped around the bow all ragged and uneven. It looks like s**t! I don’t think anyone who pays more than $2,000 for a canoe wants something that looks like that.

Magic is more maneuverable and sea-kindly than Prism, but the latter is a touch faster. Prism’bottom mounted slider is the better seat.

Bell’s Carbon Kevlar layup is preferable to their lightweight Kev laminate in points of stiffness and damage resistance.

Black Gold

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I am not familiar with the current offerings and have only test paddled a Magic.

As far as layup goes, I would go for the Black Gold over the KevLight any day. And I own a Bell Northwoods in KevLight.

The black gold is far more durable for a very small weight penalty. I have seen Black Gold Northwoods canoes that have been pounded on pretty hard and while they show the marks on the surface, they held up like concrete.

My Northwoods is KevLight, and I haven't had any problems with it at all. When I bought it, the shop was closing and I got a really good deal on it (no black gold available for the deal I got). I love the canoe for tripping, but would have more confidence in athe BG layup.