Prism vs Solo Plus

I’m getting ready to order a Kev light canoe from Wenonah. I was kind of set on the Prism, though it has been suggested to me that I could order the Solo Plus without the bow and stern seats. That kind of interests me. The Solo Plus is about 2" wider at the water line and about six at the gunwales. It also weighs in at 5 lbs. heavier. I will use the canoe for mostly day trips that include fishing. A few camping trips from one nighters and weekenders to the grand finale of 1 week late in the summer or early fall. I’m 6’3" about 230 lbs.

Will the Solo Plus be a dog compared to the Prism? Decent initial stability is all I need, not rock solid. Some of my trips include long distance paddling to reach the good fishing spots. Having a boat that is speedier will help with that. Your opinions and feedback are requested. Thanks!

Solo Plus, Prism
Solo Plus is what we used to call a combi canoe. A small tandem for a compact couple or a freighter for a very big person. It is too wide to be considered a solo boat and it will be all but impossible to stack your hands up over the rail when seated in the center.

You didn’t mention stance in the boat or paddle choice.

Prism is Wenonah’s best dedicated sit down, bent shaft paddle solo. Compare with Bell’s Magic.

If you intend to kneel and use a straight paddle, or use straight and bent paddles and switch stances, try Wenonah’s Vagabond and Bell’s Merlin II.

I have the S/P
sorry I have not paddled the prisim. I solo mine pretty well. It is a little slow at times, but it is a big boat (actually it is ALMOST a Jensen 17).

I think if you are getting a dedicated solo then get a solo boat. It would probably be great those times when you are tripping, but you don’t really need the space the rest of the time.

I like mine. it is very stable. I paddle heeled over and don’t have too much trouble. For you though I bet a different boat is a better choice.


get the Prism
That’s a pretty easy question to answer. I’ve owned both boats. Based on your criteria, the Prism is hands down the better choice for what you want to do.


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I've owned a Prism, and have paddled the Solo Plus.
If I were going to choose between those two canoes, and use them for your stated purposes,
there would be no question in my mind.
I would choose the Prism.


You do not need the extra 6 inches of width at the gunwales. It will be physically easier to paddle the Prism than the Solo Plus.

The Prism will be faster; you will more easily attain & be able to maintain speed over the long distance you mentioned.

You won't have to ever carry the additional 5 lbs weight of the Solo Plus.

The Prism has decent stability for one who does not need "rock solid" stability.

The Prism will haul all the gear a normal person should need (and more) for a week long trip.


Good input. I paddled a Prism for a bit last summer and liked it quite a bit. Never paddled the SP. I believe that if you want a solo get a solo is the correct approach. I typically paddle with a bent shaft and use NATT rather than J stroking. I do use a straight shaft while fishing. Thanks for reinforcing my desire for the Prism. Buying a boat is always full of what if’s for me