prius rack suggestions please

Trying to decide on base rack for Prius 07. (I have Thule ‘J” racks from previous vehicle for my kayaks, but Thule is $$$). Some people complaining how Yakima mounts lose on the naked roof. Are there any other lower cost, yet effective racks for this vehicle? I will err on side of safety if I must but if there’s a rack system equal to the Thule for a prius at a lower cost I’d love to hear about it. Thanks!

a few tips
1. I have been using yakima or thule clamp-on towers and rack for over 15 years. Not once in all that time did I EVER have the towers come loose from the car. If you follow the instructions properly, you’ll probably find that it’s very difficult to get the towers to fasten correctly. IMO the reason towers let loose is because of this, and some people give up and call it good, or are convinced it’s good, and other people don’t check their rack often enough.

2. Shop used. The prius is more and more popular and all you need at this point are the towers, fit kit and crossbars. Crossbars and towers you can likely find used on ebay or craigslist. You might even find the fit kit used.

I just
bought a new Yakima rack for a 2012 prius and it fits extremely well. Highly recommended. I have used yakima all my life and this new tower is really good.

thanks guys- how about inno or other less pricey brands; are there any that are just as good?

not as much feedback available
Also, since they’re not as widely used, they might be harder to find used.

The reason I suggested shopping used was so that you could get the more pricey brands at a less pricey…price. The internet can be your friend.