Probably a noob question

Some of the runs here are still chilly, so I was looking at drypants. I want to wear a wicking top not a dry top. could I wear drypants with out a dry top? or will it become a big watersail and pull me to the bottom…I know it is a noob question but I would rather not drown of ignorance.


Wearing drypants alone won’t cause you to drown.

In a serious swim, true drypants (either
with ankle gaskets or with waterproof socks at the ends of the legs) will be a serious impediment. In my “youth” I sometimes wore the kind of drypants that have only elastic at the ankle cuffs and the waist. Those had less tendency to load with water in a swim.

What’s wrong
with a wet suit?? It’ll give you thermal protection.

I was looking around the NRS website at them and wondered. It would be for my sit on top and it would be river/WW running. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to go down with the ship so to say.