Problems accessing with Android tablets?

This website does not display properly on my Android tablet and I cannot access the message boards on it. Anyone else having problems with this OS?

Yes. But figured it was just me. I can’t log in using my Android tablet. so have only be accessing ( now) by PC.

Does not work on my iPad either.

Early on I bookmarked on my (Android) phone. It gives a nice compact list of recent threads that have been updated. That’s the only way I get here from my phone because I don’t generally use other parts of the site from it. The credentials are saved (usually) so I just click on the link and I’m here.

@djo Have you updated your iOS? I have an old iPad2 that had difficulties loading the site until I updated it to iOS 9.3.5 - Pcom now runs perfectly on it now, as it does on my IPad mini, iOS 10.2. Use Safari on both iPads - bookmarked

@Peter-CA I have an inexpensive Android phone. Using Chrome and the above bookmark, the site opens. But it’s not pretty on such a small screen.

I just explained how to make it happen over on Paddlers Place Discussions. Check it out.

Interesting. I can go directly to the forum page after locating it in a google search but can not get there from the homepage. This is all brand new in the last couple days. As long as there is a work around I guess all is as well as the new forum software allows.