Problems with camera (Optio 33)

Optio 33 WR

I lost the view finder window in my 0ptio 33. I looked through the trouble shooting section of the owners manual and found nothing. The camera comes on but no view finder. Any suggestions on what it most likely is?



optio 33-L(F) or 33WR?
33WR -

does the slide in front of the lens move as it should (should it move)? I had one that got jammed and I had to manually move the lens when I wanted to use it. If the screen in the back does not come on then you might have to send it in for repairs.

Pentax recommends sending the camera in every year to have the gaskets replaced ($50). Otherwise they won’t cover damage due to the camera no longer being water-resistant - at least that is what they told me. For the cost of repairing my WR33 I could have bought a much newer model.

If you have the 33-L(F) model I am not sure what to suggest.

Yes, it’s an WR
But it doesn’t have a slide on it.

Besides the view finder being out, everything that they put into the view finder also doesn’t work, mode, menu, etc.

So you’re saying if it’s not easily resolved and it needs professional repair that it’s so expensive that I might be better off just buying a new camera?

Sorta same
I have the same camera and my window is smaller due to verticle lines (about 5) starting on the left and taking up about 1/4 inch. Be advised those cameras need to have the seals replaced after a year or so. I toasted a few using them under water. now this one with small lines. Not sure, but hope that helps