Prodigy 10'

Any opinions about this kayak for a child learning to kayak?

What age child ?
They could take a few running laps around the cockpit if they get bored with paddling.

If it is a young child I would get them a Old town Otter or equal.

There is a Pridigy sitting about fifteen feet from me right now, and that boat with it’s humongous cockpit is much more like a canoe than a kayak. - All you would have to do is raise the seat, and it would make a great C-1 playboat.

It would be a good starter for a beginner adult, but not for a child.



too wide
Unless the child a teenager and very large. I agree with the previous person about the Otter, particularly if money is an issue. My sister has four boys and they all learned in Otters. They are fun little boats for small lakes & slow rivers.

small folks need…
small boats. The Prodigy (and the Otter for that matter) ain’t small.

The Tsunami SP (Small Person) is my favorite kid’s boat.


Otter & Prodigy
We have both an OT Otter and a Prodigy 10 in our fleet. My daughter, who’s on the small side for her age, 4’8", 80 lbs does much better in the Otter than in the Prodigy. She can handle the Prodigy, but is much more comfortable and has an easier time with the Otter.

It’s a fun little boat, I took it out this weekend and played in the waves on Lake Champlain. Handled them just about as well as my Dagger Approach, which costs twice a much!!!

Don’t quite understand on of the other poster’s comment that it’s not a small boat?