Prodigy 12 vs Pung 140

Can I get some feedback on this dilemma please.

Perception Prodigy 12 vs Wilderness Systems Pungo 140

Both say they have a 350lb capacity & a good size opening which is ideal.

The kayak will be used for 95% flat water, lakes & slow moving rivers.

Any final thoughts, feedback etc on either of these before I make the purchace?



Go with the longer boat. Better
tracking and speed.

well now…
the Pungo has a lot of ‘v’ in the hill and a deep keel line so it tracks very well, sits deeper in the water and doesn’t turn as well as the Prodigy. It is FAST! the outfitting is awesome.

The Prodigy is more of a shallow arch hull form (NOT a ‘v’) and turns very easily. It runs in shallow water better and is quite maneuverable. It doesn’t track as well as a Pungo BUT tracks fairly well for a 12’er. Not as fast. 2 less feet and not as efficient as Pungo. Outfitting is OK, not great.

$$$ isn’t an issue?

Can you paddle them to see which one speaks to ya?


Prodigy 12 vs Pung 140
Of the two the Pungo is more $$ but I can affard that so as these go no, money not really an issue.

Cant seem to find anywhere within 100 miles that has both boats… hard enough finding just one of them in stock anywhere.

I have sat (on solid ground) in the Pungo 120 & it felt ok, the 140 is almost the same dimensions just 2 feet longer.

Not sat in the Prodigy yet

I really liked my Pungo 12
And it is the fastest 12 foot boat I’ve ever been in. It seemed faster than many 14 foot boats I’ve paddled. But I sold it because the draft was too deep. In my local rivers I was getting past by tandem loaded canoes every time the water got low.

It you plan to paddle a lot of water less than a foot deep I’d recommend against the pungo. for deep waster their is no better rec boat available. One fella in our club does marathons in his pungo and keeps up with the fastest in the group.

My brother-in-law and his friend
both have the Prodigys, and they both like them.

They have had them for a couple of years, and last year his back band broke the seat.

He called them up and they sent him a new one with no questions asked.



if you flip a Pungo over and take a real close look at the hull form you see a narrow, Greenland style hull with big, honking training wheels. GL hull is quite efficient, buoyancy up high makes it stable where it needs to be. This is why it’s deep drafted. (Bring it on Watersprite!)

yes the Prodigy is a better shallow water cruiser.


Pungo Seat is Better
If the seat on the Prodigy is like the seat on the Perception Sundance be careful. The seat bottom is attached to the bottom of the hull with four “posts”. Break the “posts” as I did, and you will have to figure out an alternative method to attach a new seat.

I know, as I broke the seat “posts”. To their credit, Perception gave me a new kayak.

Speaking of seats, the Pungo Phase 3 seat is MUCH more comfortable than the Prodigy seat.

I know this, as I now own a Pungo.

Buy the Pungo for the better seat.

Even though the weight ratings may be the same, they aren’t likely to feel the same in the water. I’m 220lbs and most 12 footers just sit too deep to be efficient for me. It feels like I’m plowing water.

If you want to cover any distance, or move the boat quickly, the Pungo 14 will track better and be more efficient. If you are going to do shorter trips (under 10 miles) and be in small, tight areas, the 12 footer might be worth considering.

jim $0.02