Prodigy kayak -seat back replacement advice

I am new to this board and am seeking advice on what seat back I can/should use to replace the original seat back in my Perception Prodigy 10 kayak. It’s an older model and the ‘tabs’ in the seat back have broken so there is not much support. Any advice you can provide on a good but relatively inexpensive (less than $50) seat back replacement that would work (or that you have used) with this kayak would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

Have you tried Harmony?

In looking at the Harmonygear site, it seems your seat back is discontinued. Although kayaks of the Prodigy type are more often paddled leisurely and fitted with a seat back, you could consider switching to a back band instead. Seals, Snapdragon, and Immersion Research come to mind. Alternately you may be stuck replacing the entire seat for an aftermarket one to stay with the lounging posture if that’s your preference.