Prodigy kayak

Hi i Was wondering if any one out there has tried a Prodigy kayak? I am to understand they replaced the swifty,I am thinking of buying one for my wife.I want to know what you think.Thank you

10 or 12?
I helped on this design and we did a number of cool things to the hull to make it waaaayyyyy better’n the Swifty (and a number of other REC style boats)

can you paddle one (demo)? try her out if you can, especially next to something else.

good luck


Prodigy Kayak
This is a 10 I own a swifty and feel that it is a good Kayak for the money. It sounds like the prodigy may be even better. I have not had one on the water

prodigy 10
this is good yak for beginner to intermed…

i brought one for my girlfriend…cuz of the opening in the cockpit…it handle very good tracking and it easy on your shoulder for carry…withe paddling on side of the cockpit and when have your leg/knee brace against it.good for the money and pleanty of room for storage front and behind the seat.only thing missing it the bungle holders,none on top.not tippy either when sitting in…good price range around 330…when i brought min at REI

Prodigy Kayak
Thank you Outdoor for the imformation.I think we are going to pick one up today.Do they make a spray skirt for this kayak?

prodigy 10
when you order this yak…make sure get large spray skirt not medium…i did purchases medium and founf it to be tiht fit/snug…i exchange for large and seem fitted fine for me and easy to put on while on water…more room to work with the lips around the cokpit…good luck on tyour purchase…by thw way i got the red one(color)

another thought

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...unless your wife is fairly tall for a woman and over 170 pounds, I'd strongly recommend looking at a Dagger Zydeco instead of the Prodigy 10. The Dagger is a couple inches narrower and will offer a better fit for smaller to mid-sized paddlers.

Prodigy is a good start for larger folks or those looking for a short sport/fishing kayak, but the fit might be a little big for everyone else. Pricewise, the Dagger's about $20 more, but includes deck lacing on the foredeck (which the Prodigy can't have because of the much longer cockpit opening).

Prodigy Kayak
Thank you every one. My wife has been in my swifty Islander and likes the large cockpit. So this should work well for her.

I had a Prodigy EXP 10
This is a great boat. They packed a lot of stuff on it for such a small boat. I returned it for one reason. I found the seat uncomfortable for long floats. I personally prefer a little smaller cockpit too but that was not a deal breaker. The comfort level of the seat was.

Prodigy Kayak
Thank you allsky7 for the imfo on the seat. What year was your boat and was it a padded seat?

It is a 2007 model
The Prodigy is new in 2007. The seating is called their Zone Seating System. I test paddled this boat for 15 minutes or so before I bought it and it wasn’t a problem. The first time I took it out is when I had problems. The first hour was Ok but after that, it became increasingly uncomfortable. I also have a 2005 Perception Acadia 12.5 and that seat is great. I have a 2007 Old Town Loon 120 and find that seat comfortable as well. I am not advocating any particular boat. You have to find the one that works for you. I just know from now on my first priority is the seat. If I am not going to be comfy in it for a multi hour float, then it doesn’t matter how great the other features are.

Prodigy Kayak
Thank you I will be sure to check that out before we buy one.

Has anyone had any problems with this kayak for a bigger guy? 5’10" 200lbs.

you should be fine. you may like the 12’ more. BIGger people need BIGger boats! :slight_smile:


I am 6’ 220#‘s
My size was not a problem in this boat. I had a 10’ Prodigy EXP. As previously mentioned, my issue was the seat.

Prodigy Kayak
I am 6 ft tall and 258 pounds I dont have any problems with my kayak wight capacity is 300 pounds.( Swifty Islander )