Product design for a Yak Angler's

fishing vest/PFD? How about your thoughts on this? My .02: Slim profile, CO2 cartridge inflation/flotation w/self inflate manual valve, NO mesh pockets to snag hooks, Luminous Reflexite/Solas tape front and rear,shorter in rear so it doesn’t hang up on back rest or cockpit rim,D-ring on rear collar, D-ring on front near shoulder,Zipper and velcro pockets to hold small tackle box/lure pack,whistle,emergency knife,etc. Emergency orange or yellow color. Zip front w/backup snap tabs top/bottom to cool off. No mesh, repeat no mesh anywhere on vest.Stearns, Solaris,Mustang, Etc.-are you listening???

Stearns makes one with a very minimum
of mesh, mainly for drainage purposes on the side of the big pockets. No D rings sadly. Its CO2 inflatable and when inflated is yellow, otherwise green. I have one. Unfortunately, its much more expensive than one without pockets, but I use plastic fly and lure boxes and they fit into the pockets saving the cost of a fly vest.

Take a look…

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at, check their vests, perhaps you will gain a few ideas you can incorporate...

I like the Wasatch, but then I'm a backpacking kayaker...wadda I know....

Checked out that site-those vests are
a little too bulky. We are looking for a slim profile-something that won’t cause problems if you dump. The one that has a hydration pocket on the back comes close. Don’t need a ton of storage-think minimal.