Product review.

I have a product that I would like to get reviewed by some professionals. Who do I send it to?

I know that you all want one but I really want to get it to the people that can help get the word out.

It’s a way to carry water in your boat. Can I say the name or the website without getting deleted?

My boat does a good job of carrying
water by itself.

I’ll try it if it looks interesting
send me some info.

Comes with a waterboard?

new product?
You can put the web site up… what is your product? This is a great way to get the word out but you need to tell more about what your product is and posting the website it pefect way to get the info. out there!

The plan is to visit several shops within 150 miles this weekend. I have let a few local paddlers use it and they love it. Even one lady that does pack trips with horses in Colorado uses them. The site is I have them on ebay right now also.

It looks sort of like this

$14 for shipping?

tell me when youve got a kayak kickstand