Proem Pedestal

Anyone out there own a Proem 85 with a still functioning pedestal lock mechanism? I want to find out the configuration of the cam that the thumb bolt threads into.

Why not email Pat Moore and ask? nm

Proem pedestal…
Previous poster’s suggestion about getting in contact with Pat Moore is probably your best best.

I can send a couple of photos of pedestal in position, in Proem, but don’t think that would solve your dilemma. Or, you could just give me the Proem, and that would be the end of your problem; making your problem my problem. :^) I love Blackhawks!

Send me a private message if you want me to send the 2 photos I have.

Good luck,


Proem Pedestal
Took the advice and e-mailed Pat Moore. No response to date. Surely there is a helpfll soul out there somewhere that owns a Proem.

3M Dual Locks
Like on the Reverie might work?

"making your Proem my problem"
sounds like spell check

Proem Pedestal
It stays in place pretty much just from the weight of the paddler. I prefer to restore everything to its original condition.

I just did a pedestal "tune up"
last year on my Proem and would be glad to help. I had a small stash of cams but am down to my last pair. I can take some pictures for you and send them, but please give me a few days to get this done. Email me at