profile pictures?

I know that it has been discused on here, but I can’t find it in the archives. How do I put the sweet picture of me, that I just found, in my profile?


HTML keeps the ninnies out.

lets see…testing…testing…

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picasa offers code to embed a picture in a blog or myspace.....
this was the test to see if it works here too....

Yup it does!

I placed some pics in Imageshack, now where do I go from there? Appreciate the help. Computers are evil TVs.

What I do is …
select a pic and click the top little icon next to it which says “share it” then copy the embeddable code,“sites”… paste that to the text window of “your profile”

If you make it 320 pix wide when you upload the pic it will fit…

Good luck

thanks everyone!
now I just have to try to size the thing. I am starting to think it isn’t worth the time ha ha.


No pics, not cool. Don’t give up.

You can size it on your screen to about 3"x3" or less and Snagit it to a different file.

Pixel fit…
Actually, the profile window will adjust itself to the size of the pictures. There doesn’t seem to be any particular size limit. See the two pictures in my profile for an example.