Profiles - Location & Type of paddling

Dear, I would like to request a few changes to the method to edit our profiles as a way to get more people to put in their general locations (state, region?) and their preferred type of paddling (flat water, rivers, lakes, whitewater, big water, sea?). (I don’t view kayak vs canoe as important, but some people might.)

I often look for for these things because it clues me in to whether they face the same seasonal weather and water conditions as I do, so I can get a quick sense of whether their thoughts are going to be relevant to me. On many thread topics, anyway.

I know there’s a box for location on the profile form, but it’s hardly ever used. I think it’s not obvious on the form, and it should be higher up/more obvious. Also, it’s difficult to navigate to the form to change our profiles. (I used the site about a year before I figured out how to edit my profile to add a summary, and another few months before I noticed the location field.)

I’m asking for the following:
a) When we click on our avatar at the top right, “Go to profile” is there too with the existing options. (Preferences then Preferences then Profile doesn’t cut it)
b) On the profile form, the first field is “Location”, the second is “What is your favorite type of paddling?”, and then there is “About me” and the existing fields.


Not a bad idea

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