Prone SUP Paddling

Prone Paddling for SUP,

As if…

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...the concept of stand-up paddling wasn't ridiculous enough.

Here's a novel idea...why not try SDP (sit-down paddling). It works really well going upwind, downwind or crosswind. They even make boats especially for that. I think they're called "kayaks".

surfers neuropathy
just be aware if you are enticed by this blog. There was an interview with a patient who lost the ability to walk by being in the prone position on a board.

Probably not a big risk but I have always wondered about the head and chest up position, not only for surfing but tubing.

how silly
you have arms and legs. Learn the front crawl.

Just learned about skeleton sliding
An Olympic sport.

Someone should do a long-term study of injuries’ effects on these athletes in middle age. I mean, how many times CAN you damage kneecaps, ankles, shoulders without suffering delayed consequences?

A terrible plauge …
We see crippled surfers lying all over the beaches and streets here…

Believe it or not some of these people do the paddleboard paddle race from Catalina to Mainland - that’s 21 miles (and about 6 hours of really boring work for me in a kayak let alone lying on a board.)

I’ve met a few of these guys and competed against a few of them as well and they are FAST!

Shrinkage? Anyway…
Thanks for the link Rob, keep them coming, I enjoy them.