Pronounce - Outachta

Saw an add for this sort of canoe. How do you say this? Also, is it spelled wrong?


I remember when that company made fishing boats back in the '70s. In those cays, their magazine ads always had the correct pronunciation in parentheses. I seem to remember it being “wash-i-ta”.

didn’t these canoes
have an indian head with headress sticker on them? I remember it looked like “ow-a-cheetah” and we pronounced it “wash-a-taw.”

… or wash-it-taw

Ouachita canoe ?

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Pics from a google search. Do not know if these are the same canoe.

Thanks everyone. I wouldn’t have guessed that. Apparently with the new spelling it is also a mountain range and means “big bison”

yep, there’s the Indian

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And same as back when I paddled those canoes, they were all aluminum.

The Ozarks are further north in Arkansas, the Ouashita’s are down in south west towards the Ft. Smith area. I believe the canoes were made in Lebanon, MO where other aluminum canoes like Osage and Lowe were made.