Proper attitude for asking advice.

  1. Have a good sense of humor.
  2. Have a thick skin.
  3. Seek real people,as opposed to virtual ones, with experience. There are lots of helpful people here, and some even know what they are talking about.

Nailed It
It’s a lot like talk radio, anything comes

and goes, filter as needed and desired.

Best to agree with …
4. Best to just be polite and agree with the QCC folks, when they show up (and they eventually do) … reminds me of those new Vonage commercials “we allllll bbbuunndddle…”

As one who has been a lurker…
for many years, I have noticed that all the informative and knowledgeable paddlers seemed to have flown the coop !


That is both #1 and #2. But not the usual meaning of #1 and #2.

Greeks knew the proper attitude.
Kneeling at the feet of Socrates, gently clasping his knees, looking fondly into his eyes.

“Sock, Baby! What rec kayak should I buy?”

Excellent demonstration, Dr.!
The Doctor has given us a great illustration of points #1 and 2. :wink:

And when you’ve asked for advice,
and someone has taken their time and shared their knowledge, it would be nice to say “thanks.”

“What rec kayak should I buy???”
“How should I know thyself?”

(As spoken by Grouchotes to Freedonia’s first Olympian K1-er.)

Oh, and on that first point of kneeling worshipers (hopefully neither bearing gifts nor play’n horse), is that before or after drinking the cup of hemlock-laced kool aid?

Oh, to have, the life un-feta’d,

but we goats say “cheese,”

iota devil - he’s clever!

  1. Figure out how to reply
    As in - reply to the message that you are interested in, not the last message in the thread.

Well -
leading me to ask why you are still visiting…

What we have here
is a failure to communicate.

they have fled this coop
but they are still clucking on facebook :wink:

Like, like, like, RavenWing
Now we need to get Celia over there, too, where her knowledge and expertise would be valued.

Can’t Visit Porn Sites At Work

bullseye sissy …

– Last Updated: Sep-13-12 10:41 AM EST –

..... I can not believe how many OP's ask a question and never show up on their thread again to say thank you for responding or even participate with their post responders .

Not all , but very many ask a question or start a discussion and that's the last you hear of them . Even well into an OP's question p.netters are showing up and responding , trying to be helpful .

Don't know how others feel about it , but it damn well pisses me off . Makes a person feel like they've been taken for a ride , used as the fool who responds to someone's inquiry but is ignored afterwards for their efforts .

I basicly just quit responding to most all questions asked by posters names I don't reconize or have had previous conversation with ... damn shame too .

It's not just me who gets this "look , the fool answered me silent treatment" , it's practically all the old faithful p.netter's names I've come to know over the past 6-7 years .

Personally I think if an OP ask a question or starts a useful conversation up , they should be required to respond at some point during the thread ... or be black listed , banned or just plain ignored in the future .

For awhile I was occassionally deleating my responses if the OP had not chimed back in after about a week to their responders , but often that meant someone who replied under my reply got deleated as well ... and that wasn't right either .

I know , I know ... just learn how to deal with it , right ?? Well , that's what I try to do and I guess this little rant is part of that dealing for me ... also very unusual for me , but you hit the bullseye sissy and one of my bells sounded .

No response required , just letting off some steam ... sorry

Agree! NM