Proper Backband Position (QCC 700)

I want to put a Snap Dragon backband in my QCC 700. I’m not sure if I’ll go with the plastic band type or the webbing with bungee type. I plan on using the existing seat and mounting the backband on the seat sides.

My question (regardless of seat or kayak model) is where is the backband suppose to be located on one’s back? I know it is suppose to be low enough to not interfere with torso rotation but how low I don’t know.

Thanks to all for your input!


just above the tailbone…
The backband should support your hips and that’s about it.

I put an IR Reggie in my 700. It’s a 4" wide WW style (works great BTW). It’s as low as I can get it - just about touches the seat.

He’s right!

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I posted similar question for my 400xl and I had my backband where I thought it should back. The answer I got was what Greyak and schizopak are saying, low almost touching the seat. BTW: I removed the orginal back/seat thing sent with the QCC and Phil sent me a PD backband which is adequate but I am ordering either an NSI or IR as suggested. So far I did a short 8 mile paddle last weekend and experienced no discomfort. I was finally able to concentrate on my forward stroke!

I should add…
…that I just sit on the bare seat pan too - and find it plenty comfortable for 3-4 hours non-stop. Could just be that I have enough natural padding. Also helps my rather weak version of “rotation”.

for the advise. I did a search and checked the IR website for the Reggie. They had one reggie model that looked liked it had four mounting straps with two of them being some sort of ratchet setup. Is this the one you guys are talking about? Where did you guys get your yours?

Thanks again for the advise.


proper backband position
is the small of your back. It depends on the model though.

In a QCC? Hmm not sure specifically where you would need to put it, but I am guessing seat hangers and some kind of stay off of the cockpit rim or rear bulkhead.

Which snapdragon model?

I think
I’m going to get the one with the plastic band. A friend of mine has one and it eliminates the need for the bungees behind it. Not quit sure since my seat posts are more forward than his.

But after hearing the previous replies I’m going to look into the IR Reggie if I can find one.



IR Reggie Backband
Here’s one that someone is selling on ebay for a good price. It has a Dagger label but it really is an IR Reggie.

Older model - missing web straps
Otherwise not a bad deal.