Proper Canoe Storage

I have always stored my canoe outside under a one-way shed addition (roof only, no walls) on the backside of my garage upside down on racks that I built. Although it is safe from the elements and out of direct sunlight as much as possible, the morning and evening sunrays will hit my canoe somewhat. I apply 303 religiously, will that be enough or do I need to do more to protect her?? I plan on keeping her for quite awhile and want to do all that I can to keep her in good shape!!

Sounds to me like you are doing …
just fine.

You didn’t say what the gunnels are made out of, but if they are wood or any of the thwarts are wood, I would put a annual coat of oil on them.



Unless you have a garage with an extremely low ceiling, it is easy, and fairly inexpensive to put in a sling system to store your canoe inside the garage. Fewer concerns with extreme weather, UV rays, theft.

The system I’ve rigged uses eye bolts & NRS tie down straps to suspend the canoe from the ceiling. Total cost for one canoe(4 eye bolts & 2 NRS straps)would be about 20 bucks. Total cost for two canoes (6 eyebolts & 4 NRS straps) would be about 30 bucks.I would be happy to send you some photos of the system I use if you email me.


I wouldn’t worry about partial morning
and evening sun. UV is much less intense at those times. You didn’t say what sort of canoe. If it is “glass,” it may have gelcoat to protect the layup from UV. If it is a Royalex canoe, the vinyl outer skin is fairly resistant to UV. If you have a poly canoe, like an OT Discovery, you’re more vulnerable, but it will still take years of partial morning and evening sun to make a difference.

Oops, Sorry…
My canoe is a 16’ Old Town Camper royalex.