Proper way to put on a dry top

Put your arms in first and stretch the neck out from above or do it from the inside. I know this sounds dumb but I don’t want to damage the thing.

Lube your head and neck with KY Jelly
Vaseline will destroy the gaskets

Put talc on the insides of the seals…
…and they’ll slip right on without stretching or any other gyrations. The difference is night and day.

Can get unscented talc

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Available from scuba shops probably, not sure whree the local guy who ordered a box got it but it's out there.

A scuba shop person told me to make sure to also put talc in immediately upon taking off the suit (or drytop), so that any grease or oils from the skin would be taken up by the talc rather than by the gasket. Given my luck with neck gaskets, I can't verify this helps. But it hasn't made them last any less long.

Is this a question or a statement?

putting on dry tops
Using powder to put on your dry tops makes your hair white, so you don’t get as many chicks. Everythign has it down side