Props to the Sr. Kayak Surfer!

Hope I can still stoke out on the waves at 84!



Impressive. I was getting worried on that roll, hate it when the bottom interferes like that lol. And now I have something to rub in the faces of my friends who quit much sooner, and new motivation to get back out there myself.

Nice. May he paddle another 84, well, lets start with another 20.

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Yeah, when I saw him “poling” off the bottom, I thought he was going to swim for sure. But he regrouped and pulled off a layback roll in pretty good form. :+1: So, he saw the bottom and got lazy, thinking he can just push himself up. I do that sometimes as well. :upside_down_face:


Not me. I don’t open my eyes!

Really…? Will have to try with eyes closed. I do use visual cues when I roll – where is the paddle relative to the sky; how much foam around me and where to determine whether my speed has stablized relative to the wave (or white water). Am i dependent on the visual cues? Hmm…


I have always rolled eyes closed. i do it all by feel and even sound. I suspect it will be hard to change, but if it works for you no need to change. I’m not a swimmer, maybe that’s why I learned that way.