Props to The Women Kayak Surfers!

I was bummed reading this article about the controversy over the Mavericks surf contest.

Came across this video of some women surf kayakers. I was stoked just watching them ride. Good wave riding is about the stoke. Hope that motivates the female riders to keep going and to get their place on the waves!


I did that upside down, all the way to the beach, until my head dragged the sand.

Hey, just don’t be like that guy on the beach. Maybe more important than a PFD, wear your HELMET!!! Good to go!


While I was racing I had the privilege to watch a couple of women paddlers who gave the sport an incredible amount of grace.

I saw that same grace on some climbing walls.

Those women did not attempt to power through what they were doing, they used their whole body to transcend that. It was truly awesome to watch and I thank them for that.

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