Pros and cons of self-bailer?

I have ordered a Savage River Blackwater solo for fitness/tripping. I cannot decide if I want the self-bailer option or not. Does anyone have advice as to its pros and cons? Thanks

I have had almost no negative experience with self bailers on my surfskis. I highly reccomend. They are a great option to have for a variety of reasons.
Not sure which kind you’ll have, but if you have a venturi, make sure you get some kind of a stopper to prevent backflow.
If it’s a Debrito closable, be aware that the gaskets occasionally will foul and create leakage.
Anderson and Epics are pretty solid.

I really like having the bailer (DeBrito) on my surf ski. But I don’t know if the boat you mention uses a different type of self-bailer than those on skis.

To prevent gasket compression, I leave the bailer open when not paddling. I like the sounds it makes when paddling because it acts as an aural hint at speed traveled. Just have to make sure I close it befoee back-paddling—that brings water in very quickly!