Prospector 16' for fishing

I want to use my 16 foot WS prospector for fishing. I will paddle it solo. Mat try to use a double blade kayak paddle to get around river. Does anyone have any experience with this set up?

Wind is the biggest problem with
canoes that are deep. It will do fine, but maybe not as well as some other canoes. If you use a double bladed paddle, you may need to get a fairly long one, maybe a 250 cm or even longer. If you have a kayak paddle, Spring Creek sells extensions for not much money.

Since you’ve already got the boat
Give a try. Worst that’ll happen if you keep your head about you is that you get wet. You’ll get more ideas about how to use the boat better on the water than on the net.

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I use a drift sock on my canoe when the breeze picks up on the lake. It makes a big difference.

Doesn’t help when trhing to paddle
across the lake. Fine for drift fishing or the wind kicks up too much to paddle on through…maybe. When paddling and the wind is coming from the side, the only thing I’ve found to work is to quarter, at least a bit, the wind, making corrections to stay on course with my destination. When anchored, the drift sock can be tied off the stern, with the bow anchored, to keep the canoe aligned.