I want a good “compromise” whitewater canoe. Something that performs well in class II-III whitewater, but not a dedicated ww boat like a Synergy or Caption. Something along the lines of a MR Freedom or OT Appalachain.

Now, Prospectors are thought of a good do-everything boat. But are all “Prospectors” made equal?? You can just look at the lines and tell not all “Prospectors” are the same. Some must turn better, some must be drier, etc.

What brands of 16’ Royalex Prospectors make good ww canoes and which do not?

Thanks, Pat.

THE prospector ?
I love my OT Appalachian.

While solo or tandem, while on rapids II and III, windy lakes, I like it.

While on the portage, it did not kill me.

The OT App is a safe choice.

Definetly, the best all purpose.

Thats a deep subject…ck this site…

Thanks for the link.
I did search CCR (and repeated this post), but I somehow missed that thread - I look forward to a good read, some very knowledgable paddlers have weighed in there.

I hope it tells me which ww brands are best!