Protect kayak from rocks

I’m going to race my daughter’s Wilderness Systems Freedom (a plastic boat with a flat bottom) in a downriver race in September. This morning the rocks scraped up the bottom pretty good. The rocks here (New River) are not smooth but limestone and jagged mostly. Is there anything I can apply to help protect the bottom of the boat? Thanks.

im no expert
but i would say anything you apply would interfre with the smoothness of the hull and slow you down .id just be more carefull i hit a huge rock last week pretty hard but my pelican seems pretty tough.i didnt know the rock was there the lake droped a few feet lately

I have raced my tupperware Eclipse
in the New river, (same one, but the section in NC) every year for the past ten years, and have scraped and hit those same type rocks every year.

All those scrapes just add character to the boat.

Jack L

There’s a suburban legend that wax
slows a boat way down, but the effect is very small and of concern only to the most serious racers in the fastest boats. I’ve often used wax, more to help me slide easier over rocks and gravel than to protect the boat, but there is a modest protective effect. Right now I’m using a 3M wax, designed for yachts, high in carnuba content, with a UV inhibitor.

303 may also make a boat more slippery, but does not stay on as long as wax. I don’t know of anything else you could put on the bottom of your boat that would do any good.

Thanks, y’all!