Protected kayaking near Freeport, Maine?

Any suggestions for a launch site and protected kayaking near Freeport? Looking like a 3-hour paddle, close to shore.

It’s all pretty protected
LLBean runs their tours for the public off Flying Point Rd.

Your best all tide launch is at Winslow Park

It’s a nice area to tour. Don’t miss the Goslings

Winslow Park tide
Alas I arrived too late in the afternoon and locals told me the Winslow Park tide goes way out. Not true?

Bad idea to cross to the island across from Winslow Park due to boat traffic in the channel?

depends on what you mean

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by protected---if you want river and marsh kayaking, you can put in at Porter's Landing off the South Freeport Road or at the Mast Landing Bird sanctuary--and paddle up and down the Harraseeket River---as far as the Harbor--this is tide dependant and should be done within two hours on either side of high tide.

As far as putting in at Winslow Park, it can be done at low tide, but isn't as much fun--if you do put in there then you can paddle out to Bustin's and Mosher's Islands as well as the Goslings---this may not be what you mean by "protected" though as you will be outside the harbor on open water in the upper reaches of Casco Bay--although you will not be exposed to open ocean swells--kind of like paddling on a large lake.

If you camp at Recompence Campground---adjacent to Wolf's Neck State Park, you can launch there and paddle along the shore from Flying Point to Harraseeket Harbor as well as out to Bustin's etc. It sounds like your best bet, given your presumed level of experience, would be to go on one of the guided trips that LL Bean Gives--they have a launching spot of Wolf's Neck and can take you to the places mentioned above.

Haven’t tried Recompense since
we moved here. Its only half tide and above that is good.

Unless they have done some renovations.

You can also launch at the Royal River in Yarmouth and paddle out to the Bay and up the Muddy River to lunch.

The water has been pretty calm lately.